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The following programs are now open that provide registration fee assistances and scholarships to play sports.  This can applied to any of the programs offered by MYFA.

Lindsey Von Foundation:

Applications are now open for the scholarship, who are in need and passionate about their sport(s) are welcome to apply. Applicants should showcase their ability to overcome obstacles, discover true grit, and pursue their goals when completing the application. Scholarship funds can be applied to sports programs of any kind and for any amount up to $25,000.

Scholarships will be awarded twice a year in the spring and fall. In order to apply for a scholarship, applicants must fill out the online application on the Foundation's website at and may be contacted for an interview with the LVF Scholarship Selection Committee.

Dick’s Sporting Good Foundation

As youth sports start back up, many kids may not return to play because of costs.  The DICK’S Sporting Goods Foundation is proud to announce a $5,000,000 Sports Matter grant to Every Kid Sports, a 501(c)3 nonprofit, to provide income-restricted families financial assistance to cover registration fees and help ensure every kid has a chance to play.*

Parents or guardians can apply for assistance at  Qualifying families can apply for up to $150, four times a year per child, to cover youth sports registration fees.

The Moorestown Youth Football Association (MYFA) will waive the balance of the registration fee not covered by any of the other programs excluding Jersey and misc. items.

Please complete and submit this online application. The MYFA Commissioner will review all applications and respond directly to all applicants. Scholarship recipients will be determined at the sole-discretion of the MYFA in accordance with the program's terms approved by the MYFA Board using guidelines provided from other Non-Profit Organizations experienced in administering similar scholarship programs.

Please refrain from inquiring about the status of this application, but please do promptly respond to any requests for additional information you may receive from MYFA.   We have a limited number of scholarships to grant and will do our best to distribute to the most in need.  The MYFA will notify you of our decision via email that you provided in this registration.


Stretch the measuring tape over contour of shoulders. Measure from the tip of left humerus to tip of right humerus. Record the measurement.  Next, wrap a measuring tape around upper torso and record the measurement.  Based on these dimensions, please select your recommended size. 


Provide player’s hat size or head circumference by measuring approximately 1” above the eyebrows around the widest part of the head.  If the measurement falls in between a size, use the smaller size.

Covid-19 Update

Prior to any participation in Moorestown Youth Football Association activities, all participants must sign the MYFA Covid-19 Waiver of Liability and Hold Harmless Agreement.

If you prefer to avoid the processing fee, you can pay via check or Venmo @fcaccuro

Mail check payable to MYFA

Mailing address:

521 Bartram Road

Moorestown, NY 08057